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From the Professor of Biblical Spirituality at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Don Whitney, comes a power packed book on the topic of Family Worship that every family leader should read.  For Dad’s there is no question – this is a must read.  This will not only give you some very doable “how to’s” but before that, and arguably more important than that, Whitney will build a case for the necessity of Family Worship that will have you not just feeling guilty, like a lot of books(which isn’t entirely bad) but will actually fire you up and excite you to want to get started in the work!  The stories Whitney recounts of young men and women who have left Christian homes and stayed faithful to the Lord because of regular and genuine family devotion and worship time, is reason enough for us to get in gear!

If we are serious about raising up a generation that will not forget the Lord or his ways and will seek to please him in all their ways, we must get our Bible’s opened at home, our family’s gathered and our hearts in tune with a God who would have us worship him all seven days of the week, not just one.  Don Whitney’s book helps us do just that.  I highly recommend it to you.