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Love it!  Ligonier‘s April issue of TableTalk magazine is focused on Christ in the Old Testament.  A gem from the first page has me all giddy to read the rest:

“The common refrain of the New Testament, “according to the Scriptures, “ is by no means to be taken lightly but is to drive us over and over again to behold the faithfulness of God, the trustworthiness of His revelation, and the beautiful harmony of the testaments as God shows forth His sovereignly woven scarlet thread of redemption from creation to glorification, all according to the covenant of redemption…“

Articles related to this month’s theme are as follows:

  • Preaching Christ – RC Sproul
  • The Royal Genealogy of Jesus – TD Alexander
  • The Suffering Servant and Conquering King – Alex Motyer
  • Jesus and the Psalms – L. Michael Morales

–and much much more–

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