<–A few years ago, I found this book.

I’ve cracked it open for Sunday School classes, around the dinner table and even on my lunch breaks at work.  It’s great and I thought today that I would start posting one quiz per week from it so you could both challenge yourself and also use the quizzes with others.  So here goes:


Bible Alphabet Quiz #1: (All answers start with the letter “A”)

  1. Who was the brother of Moses? (Exod 4:14)
  2. Who was killed by Cain? (Genesis 4:8)
  3. Who was Isaac’s father? (Genesis 21:3)
  4. Who was the son of David? (II Samuel 13:1)
  5. Who was Peter’s brother? (John 1:40, 41)
  6. Who was saved in the furnace? (Daniel 3:26)
  7. Who stole and hid the articles in a tent after the battle of Jericho? (Joshua 7:20, 22)
  8. Who died because he offered strange fire to God? (Leviticus 10:1-2)
  9. Who had his thumbs and great toes cut off in a battle? (Judges 1:6)
  10. Who was sent to see Paul at Damascus after his conversion? (Acts 9:10)
  11. Who was created out of the dust of the ground? (Genesis 2:7, 19)
  12. Who was the king that was a leper? (II Kings 15:1-5)
  13. Who was the cousin of Saul, and commander of his army? (1 Samuel 14:50)
  14. This king was on of those before whom Paul defended himself. (Acts 25:15)
  15. What minor prophet was a shepherd? (Amos 1:1)
  16. On what mountain did the ark rest? (Genesis 8:4)
  17. What king was known as the most wicked of the kings of Israel? (1 Kings 16:29)

How did you so?  I scored about 95% or so, I think.