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Just wrapped up a short economics book.  Well written and very concise.  If you want a very high-level overview of free market economics, this is a good introduction.  But go deeper if you get and read this one.  Would be good to read RC Sproul Jr.’s Biblical Economics after this one.  And go over to the Austrian School’s site for even more free market goodies.

These two authors (Gills and Nash) talk about basic economic principles like –

  • Incentives
  • Self-interest
  • Money
  • Wealth
  • Goods and Services

They spend the majority of the time in the book contrasting Capitalism and Socialism.  They even give great clarity to what Capitalism is in it’s truest form and how it differs greatly from interventionism, the basic economy of the U.S.

I do struggle with the authors’ use of Biblical passages and how they attempt to apply them to economic policies, not always so well, in my opinion.  But aside from some of these weaker connections to Scripture, the book in itself is still a good, very basic primer on free market economics.