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Great little booklet on holiness available from Banner of Truth or Westminster.  I picked this up while hearing Dr. Grier speak at Bethesda Baptist in Allen Park, MI a few months ago.  I’ve written about Dr. Beeke’s The Family At Church in this post.  This is another great resource from Beeke that will encourage you in your study of and application of holiness as you follow Christ in every area of your life.  Dr. Beeke’s headings are as follows –

  1. The Nature of Holiness: Removing Misconceptions
  2. Holiness in Scripture: Set Apart
  3. The New Testament
  4. Holiness in Theology: Sanctification
  5. Holiness in History: The Church’s Understanding
  6. Holiness in Practice Today: Our Greatest Need
  • The Impediments to Holiness
  • The Joy of Holiness

Highly recommend this short, but power-packed, booklet to you.