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From Creation Revolution, R.L. David Jolly writes:

I find it interesting that they state that religions are relatively inviolable and science is open, but is science as open as they claim to be?

I have often asked them to ponder what if God did create as He said He did. Wouldn’t that make all of their interpretations and conclusions erroneous? What if there was a worldwide flood some 4500 years ago and the vast layers we see are the result of that flood; wouldn’t that completely change all of their geological conclusions? I get the same response every time and that is that they cannot allow those possibilities because they are not naturalistic or materialistic and cannot be tested or observed. My usual response to that is tell me who observed all of the millions of years of evolution they claim to be scientific fact or how can they empirically repeat the test the processes? They can’t, so shouldn’t it also be disqualified from the realm of science as defined by both the NCSE and the National Academy of Sciences?

I have long contended that evolution is nothing more than man’s attempt to hide from God, kind of like the old image of an ostrich sticking its head in the sand to hide from predators. They may think they are hiding, but the only thing they are really hiding from is themselves. Without evolution, they will have to stand up and look at their Redeemer and Savior.

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