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Just finished up this little booklet put out by The Banner of Truth Trust.  Murray does an outstanding job in detailing the doctrine of God’s providence in a very engaging way.  He draws from spiritual giant after spiritual giant to hammer home the concept that not only is there a providence, but that sometimes its dark but always is it for God’s glory and our best.

Here are some great snippets –

  • There is a right and wrong way of asking ‘Why?’  We must reflect on what God is doing.  While it is always wrong to react in rebellion and anger against God’s dealings with us, it is right to consider why they are part of our lot.
  • Oh the blessed chemistry of heaven to extract such mercies out of such misery – John Flavel
  • If we lived for nothing but a life of comfort and ease here there would be no desire for the blessedness to come
  • If God were to strip us of everything would we still love and worship Him?
  • But please pray for one more request.  Pray that I won’t waste all this suffering.
  • God has forged an inseparable link between sufferings and glory.
  • We must not be deceived by the current view that invites us to get rid of our troubles and sicknesses and than rejoice.  Indeed we ought to be alarmed if we have no experience of suffering,…
  • God’s people never sacrifice or suffer in vain.

I picked this up at a church around her in their lobby.  It looks to be relatively inexpensive and like it would be a great resource for churches to order in bulk to give to their members.