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I love the Tabernacle and all of its rich imagery. It screams, in a whisper, the glory of the Lamb of God who would one day come to fulfill it all completely. Author, Wemp does a wonderful job both in his precise attention to detail and his great personal and day to day application of the truths and principles found when studying and unpacking the Tabernacle. I find, in studying the Tabernacle, that authors either get too bogged down in every jot and tittle of the details without bringing their application to bear on the life of a Christian or they make the opposite mistake of too quickly rushing to apply the truths in the Tabernacle before first examining the details in a well-researched manner that takes into consideration the rest of Scripture. We must do the rigor of study first, but we MUST connect the dots of study to the dots of application. Wemp does this in such a way to have given a great gift to the church!

Another plus: This is written in very simple and straight forward language and extremely accessible to younger readers. I’ll be passing this on to my 11 year old son to read next.

Highly recommend!

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