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From The Relationship Between Exegesis and Expository Preaching by Robert L. Thomas –

  • “The final test of the effectiveness of Bible exposition is how well individuals who hear the sermon can go home and read the passage with greater comprehension of its exact meaning than they could before they heard the message.”
  • “A major caution to observe is not to preach exegetical data from the pulpit.  Because the expositor has been enlightened so much by what he has discovered, his initial impulse may be to pass on to his people the excitement of his discovery in the same terminology as he received it.  This is a major mistake.”
  • “The breadth of Bible exposition is enormous, yet its central core is always biblical exegesis”
  • “Exegesis may be defined as “the critical or technical application of hermeneutical principles to a biblical text in the original languages with a view to the exposition or declaration of its meaning””
  • “The information gleaned from exegesis must be put into a format that fits the understanding of the person in the pew and is applicable to his or her situation.”
  • “…the preacher should read the text repeatedly in the original language and then turn to English translations for further enlightenment on how others have rendered the words.”
  • “Preaching is first and foremost a service to the mind as groundwork for a service to the heart.”
  • “The will and emotions are influenced in a lasting way only in proportion to the degree that the mind has learned correct biblical teaching and the level of behavior consonant with that teaching.”
  • “An expositor should make every effort not to preach preconceived notions of what a given text may say.  His sacred trust is to let the text speak for itself and not impose on it what he thinks or wishes it said.  Much too frequently a preacher conceives of what his congregation’s needs are and rushes naively to a text to support his conception.”
  • “…the preacher’s God-given responsibility is to delivery accurately and effectively to is listeners what the Holy Spirit mean when He inspired the writers to pen the Scriptures.”
  • “The man of God engaged in preaching must continue his efforts to improve his role in this eternal service for the benefit of other human beings and the glory of God.”