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Wow! Best friend Tony Reinke (OK, that term of endearment may be an overstatement in describing our relationship 🙂 ) has pulled together quite a great list of links to many very helpful resources we can and should use to properly come at, study and unpack the Biblical text. Check it out over on his blog and let me know if you can figure out where I “obtained” the photo for my last post. –

15 Tools for Exegetical Research I suppose most pastors reading this blog have a larger-than-average library of Christian books. But that does not mean you own every book you’d like to have, right? Raise your hand if you would like to see your library doubled or tripled in size. And although I am personally blessed with a nice collection of books, I see many gaping holes in my basement library (I am weak in OT commentaries). Despite their size, how do we best use our libraries i … Read More

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