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The door –

Four colored linens make up the door to the tabernacle.  All of them show us one aspect of our precious savior, Christ.

Blue (Exodus 27:16)

“…blue, which speaks of Christ’s heavenly character.  Whatever one may think of Him, he must recognize that He is “God…manifest in the flesh””

Purple (Exodus 27:16)

“Purple still speaks of royalty.  The Lord Jesus is royalty.  He is first of all King of the Jews and the rightful Heir to the throne of David…But He is also King of kings and Lord of lords today!”

Scarlet (Exodus 27:16)

“The scarlet color represents the sacrificial suffering of the Savior and the shedding of His blood for our sins.  From the first shedding of an animal’s blood in the Garden of Eden for Adam’s and Eve’s transgression, the offering of Abel, the alter of Noah, the blood on the doorposts in Egypt, the scarlet rope of Rahab, the thousands of sacrifices of Solomon’s Temple, down to the last drop of the blood of Christ, God wants us to know, “It is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”(Leviticus 17:11)”

|White | (Exodus 27:16)

In the fourth color, the white of the fine twined linen, we see Christ’s righteousness.  The white linen fence kept man out, for it was a reminder that, compared to God’s righteousness, “all our righteousness is as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) and that man is bankrupt”

“Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.” (KJV) – John 10:7

This series on Christ in the Tabernacle is based on C. Sumner Wemp’s outstanding book Teaching from the Tabernacle Moody Press 1976