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Sociologists, psychologists, political analysts, psychiatrists and pundits come up with all kinds of categories to stick people in.  Have you ever noticed?

Users and losers

People people

Utility people

Givers and takers

  • Upper class
  • Middle class
  • Lower class

Rich and poor

Haves and “have-nots”

Caste system

  • Brahmin
  • Kshatria
  • Vaisia
  • Sudras




Kings and servants

Masters and slaves

Black, white, red, purple and green!

Sometimes even the church comes up with their own categories to neatly fit people into –

Atheists, agnostics, seekers

Urban, suburban and rural

Men, women and children

But God has the final word.  Does he put people into categories?  He sure does.  Very simply, He says there are only two types of people in this world –

Lost and saved

Categorizing people as God categorizes them is of ultimate importance.  Sub-categories may be helpful, but when we’re dealing with ultimate and eternal issues, we had better think God’s thoughts after Him and remember that there are only two conditions, two categories for the human race to fall into.  Lost and separated from a Holy God and found and reconciled to a Holy God.

In God’s sight there are two men—Adam and Jesus Christ—and these two men have all other men hanging at their girdle strings. —Thomas Goodwin

What category are you in?