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I had the opportunity to teach the adult study fellowship class at our church this past Sunday and was assigned the topic/question of “Why would or how could a loving God send people to hell?”

I thought it went well. The class was wide awake and ready for great interaction. 🙂  They were thinking seriously, asking great questions and interacting with both me and one another almost the entire time.  Praise the Lord for His truth that impassions His people.

I came at the question by asking two counter-questions:

1.  What God are we talking about?

2. What kind of people are we talking about?

I am convinced that if we point the conversation at the true and living God of the Bible (who is not only loving, but also just, good and holy) that the question will start to change and become more clear.

Equally, if we talk seriously about the condition of the people this loving God is sending to hell, the entire accusatory nature of this question starts to unravel quickly.

God is loving.  God is also a righteous, just, good and holy King who judges the whole earth (Gen 18:25).  Shall he not punish evil?

People are wicked.  I should know, I’m one of them.  But more importantly, the Bible tells us so.  We are lawbreakers, rebels, enemies of our creator.  We deserve nothing, except punishment for our lawlessness and rejection of our kind and generous creator God.

The real question we should be asking is “How could a perfectly holy and righteous judge and king rescue anyone from sin and death and allow them to come into his presence forever in eternity?!”

My notes are HERE.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this question and how you have responded to it in the past.