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Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to join the great team of teachers at church and present an apologetic for both the importance and defensibility of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

HERE is my PowerPoint presentation

I wish I could record these classes on video as those who attended (at least yesterday!) were a great encouragement to both me and to one other.  Their contributions, questions, proclamations and answers throughout our 45minutes were enough to make me want to pack up and go home.  They already knew it all!  🙂  A teacher’s dream.

I came at the topic with two questions:

1.  Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ really that important?

2. Can we defend the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

I hope it spurs you on to faithful living in light of the resurrection and encourages you to keep giving a defense of the once for all delivered faith.  Remember to always do this with gentleness and respect.