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I’m on the home stretch of Pastor Albert Martin’s little booklet The Practical Implications of Calvinism and wanted to share the two main points he suggests are the ‘takeaways’ of a doctrinal acceptance of Calvinism –

First, it should lead to honest scriptural self-examination.

Two questions:

  1. ‘What has Christ done for you?’
  2. ‘What has Christ wrought in you?’

And so I want to press some questions home to everyone’s conscience.

  • First: ‘Have you been brought to see your own corruption in sin in such a measure that the first two beatitudes are true of you?’
  • The next question I would ask is this: ‘Do I evidence the fruit of his working?’  And what is positive, undeniable evidence that God has been and is working in me?  I would say without any fear of contradiction in the light of Holy Scripture that the evidence is biblical holiness

And so wherever we touch any part of the structure of Calvinistic soteriology we touch a living fibre of God’s purpose to have a holy people.

In the second place, these doctrines will lead to the sane biblical pursuit of practical godliness.

  1. A holly watchfulness and distrust of oneself.
  2. A consistent prayerfulness.
  3. A trustful dependence on God to fulfill all that he has purposed.

Good stuff,