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Just finished an outstanding book by Ewen Montague called The Man Who Never Was. This is an absolutely fascinating and true story about an almost unbelievable event that took place during WWII.  The allies were able to procure the body of a serviceman who had died while on active duty, create an entirely false identity for him and load him with a briefcase full of fake documents that were intended to mislead and deceive the Germans into believing the Mediterranean invasion was going to be somewhere other than Sicily, Italy.

And – it worked!

This is a fast-paced riveting read that you won’t be able to put down.  I highly recommend it to you.  It’s a piece of history that will leave you forever grateful for the providence of God toward the allies in 1943.  Though the author sadly chalks the success of the mission up to ‘luck’, we as Christians know otherwise.

I first found this book when I was a kid, nosing around upstairs at my Grandparents house.  The cover caught my attention right away and I think I read some of it one summer, but didn’t finish.  Then, a few years ago, the title suddenly popped into my head so I started searching and was happy to find it.  It’s been reprinted several times and there are even two other versions of the story published by different authors.  If you are a pretty serious WWII fan, as I’m fast becoming, I’d recommend you read Combat Jump after this one as it records the airborne assault by the paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne into Sicily and is the next major event after the preparations recorded in The Man Who Never Was.