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So I was going to write a very different post.  A post asking a very provocative question that I knew would get some people all fired up.  I didn’t want to unnecessarily upset or offend anyone and I concluded that the post would do that.  But while I thought about the potential reaction to that, now never to be written post, I couldn’t help but think that the most common response I would receive was something along the lines of:

Who cares what people think about me (him/her/them)?!

So I want to ask that question of you.  How do we as Christians answer this question?  What is the proper Biblical response?  I’m inclined to believe this question deserves both a yes and no answer.  In one sense we shouldn’t care what people think about us, but in another sense we need to be deeply concerned about what people think about us.

In the last few months, I’ve had some discussions with some folks, some just acquaintances, some dear friends.  At times, the conversation has somewhat abruptly come to this corner and seemingly ended with the “I don’t care what people think about me…” line.

Does saying this get us off the hook?  Are those who truly and consistently don’t care about others’ perception of them the ones who are actually free to live how they want?  Is all concern about others’ opinion just slavery to the approval of men?

What think ye?!