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“A man before conversion continually reflects dishonor upon God.  As black vapors which arise out of fenny, moorish grounds, cloud and darken the sun, so out of the natural man’s heart arise black vapors of sin, which cast a cloud upon God’s glory.  The sinner is versed in treason, but understands nothing of loyalty to the King of heaven.  But there are some whom the lot of free-grace falls upon, and these shall be taken as jewels from among the rubbish, and be effectually called, that they may lift up God’s name in the world.  The Lord will have some in all ages who shall oppose the corruptions of the times, bear witness to His truths, and convert sinners from the error of their ways.  he will have His worthies, as king David had.  They who have been monuments of God’s mercies will be trumpets of His praise.” Watson All Things for Good p. 112

How much truth is in this one paragraph from Watson’s All Things?!  The condition of the unsaved.  The glory of God.  The election of God, his unmerited, free grace.  His work to pull sinners out of the mud and mire of sin and set them upon pedestals to display His glory, not theirs.  His call to them once they are saved.  Our duty to serve, praise, declare Him to all.

I’m in the last chapter now.  I could post almost every time I read a bit of this book.  So rich, so wonderful.  I feel as though I’ve watched an artist paint Biblical truths in my mind over the course of about six weeks.  Obviously, I still highly recommend it.