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Wow!  It just gets better each day (for me at least…I sure hope the kids are having as much fun!)

“In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.”

~Acts 17:30

Today we continued the story of “The Way Things Work” asking and answering the question, “Who will be King?”  Our points were as follows –

God raised Jesus from the dead

  • Jesus went up to heaven, was made the King of Kings and reigns forever!
  • Jesus is coming back one day to complete his kingdom
  • Jesus will shut out those still pretending to be king but welcome in those who have repented and turned to him as their King

There are two ways to live

  1. Keep pretending to be a king, making a mess of everything and in the end, suffer eternal punishment for your rebellion
  2. Throw your crown down in repentance and worship and serve the one and only true King of Kings
  • Who will be King?  Who will be your King?

Tomorrow we will review and discuss the things a follower of the King does to live as part of his kingdom.