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From Watson’s All Things for Good, speaking of how our enemy, the devil, tempts us by five subtleties:

a) He observes the temperament and constitution; he lays suitable baits of temptation.  Like the farmer, he knows what grain is best for the soil.  Though the devil cannot know men’s thoughts, yet he knows their temperament.

b) Satan observes the fittest time to tempt in; as a cunning angler casts in his angle when the fish will bite best.  Satan’s time is usually after an ordinance; and the reason is, because then he thinks he shall find us most secure.  When we have been at solemn duties, we are apt to think all is done, and we grow remiss, and leave off that zeal and strictness as before; just as a soldier, who after a battle leaves of his armor, not once dreaming of an enemy, Satan watches his time, and, when we least suspect, then he throws in a temptation.

c) He makes use of near relations; the devil tempts by a proxy.  Thus he handed over a temptation to Job by his wife.

d) Satan tempts to evil by them that are good, thus he gives poison in a golden cup.  He tempted Christ by Peter.

e) Satan tempts to sin under a pretense of religion. He is most to be feared when he transforms himself into an angel of light.  he came to Christ with Scripture in his mouth

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“All things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.” – Rom 8:28

Watson unpacks this passage beautifully with both precision and tremendously encouraging practical application.