Unfortunately, the resolve to be courageous in the pulpit can result in our becoming headstrong and arrogant.  We may succeed in being outspoken, but spoil it by becoming proud of our outspokenness.  Truth to tell, the pulpit is a perilous place for any child of Adam to occupy.   It is ‘high and lifted up’, and thus enjoys a prominence which should be restricted to Yahweh’s throne.  (Isaiah 6:1).  We stand there in solitude while the eyes of all are upon us.  We hold forth in monologue, while all sit still, silent and subdued.  Who can endure such public exposure and remain unscathed by vanity?  Pride is without doubt the chief occupational hazard of the preacher.  It has ruined many, and deprived their ministry of power. – John Stott Between Two Worlds p. 320

Pray for all who will step into a pulpit tomorrow.  The greatest privilege walks side by side with the greatest danger.  Who is sufficient for these things?