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Another fantastic excerpt (and summary!) from Sproul Jr.’s Biblical Economics. This, in my opinion, is the best summary statement on the root cause of the issues with the US government.

“The problem with government is not its inefficiency.  If my family found itself in debt because of fancy cars, vacations, jewels, and furs, the solution would not be to use coupons when we shop for groceries.  …  The problem with government is our understanding of the function of government. As long as the government is seen as the solution to all of our problems, the government will continue to be the source of many of our problems.

Isn’t that it?  We continue to clamor for a balanced budget but then we look to the government to solve problems that they were never designed to solve.  I’m seriously wondering about the social security program, unemployment and others.  And what about my GI Bill payments?  Should I not be accepting those?  Or, is that different because I signed up and contributed to the program?

I’ll tell you one thing I’ve already considered doing.  Finding all of my savings bonds and cashing them in.
One thing is for sure.  After finishing this book yesterday, I feel much more informed and able to listen to the economic issues that swirl about in our culture today.