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Great little article by RC Sproul Jr. HERE at Ligonier’s site.

Here was my favorite excerpt:

We will succeed in both realms only when we come to understand that there is only one realm. The world will not be changed until we are changed. The kingdom comes as His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. We must in turn come to realize that the world out there is changed precisely because of changes in here. Western civilization is not fleeing from its God-honoring roots because Christians are insufficiently politically active. No, we are losing the battle to make known the reign of Christ in the world because we will not have Him to rule over the church and its members.

The kingdom and the righteousness are one because both are Christ. We are seeking the kingdom when we are seeking after Him. We are seeking His righteousness when we are seeking after Him. We miss this, I fear, because we miss what sanctification really is. We think of it first as a doctrine rather than a calling. We would rather talk about what it means than avail ourselves of its means. If, however, we escape this all too prevalent weakness, we usually fail in another way. We measure sanctification by how many sins we commit and how frequently. That is, we take the law of God, a righteous and compelling set of dos and don’ts, and see what we do and what we don’t do. Out pops our sanctification score. Sanctification, however, is far more about what we are than what we do. We don’t seek to stop sinning in order to be more like Jesus. Instead, we seek to be more like Jesus, and we end up sinning less.