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“God’s there and those things aren’t”

Last night one of our Deacons taught the young kids about heaven.  Here are the points from his lesson (that I can remember):

  • Heaven is real
  • God is there
  • Sin isn’t
  • It’s beautiful
  • It’s gates are open (a whole lesson in itself!)
  • Only some people will be there
  • God has told us how to get there

The whole lesson was great.  But the part that most encouraged my soul was his summary statement about why heaven is a wonderful place and why he wanted to go there –

“God is there and those things aren’t”

I love it.  What more do we need?  Think of our greatest needs.  What were we created for?  Fellowship and worship with our very Creator!  God is there.

What weighs us down, entangles us at every turn, discourages, depresses us and causes seemingly unlimited problems in this life?  Sin.  Those things aren’t

Heaven is the place where both of our greatest needs are ultimately fulfilled.  Yes, it’s about God’s glory, not our needs.  But God glorifies Himself when He rescues us from sin and death (the things NOT in heaven) and takes us to where He is to worship Him forever (the thing that IS in heaven).

I rejoice that one day I will see Him coming on a cloud to take me to the place He has prepared for me.  That where He is, there I may also be!