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Francis Chan (famous author of the book Crazy Love) announces he’s leaving his church, convinced God has told him he needs to do church differently.

See the announcement and video here.

I’m sorry, but I’m very concerned about these super-spiritual sounding ‘voice of God’ type of announcement.  I think some serious questions need to be asked of our brother Francis –

1.  Where are you going TO?  (Show me one NT example of God calling someone away from something but not at the same time TO something new!)

2. How long will you be out of local church fellowship?  (The Bible knows no such creature as the Christian who’s out looking for God’s direction, in separation from the local church)

3.  Did you talk to your elders, pastors, other brothers and sisters at Cornerstone to see what they think about what you perceive as God’s leading?

4.  More.  (so much more)

What do you guys think?