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For an upcoming class at our local church, our Pastor has proposed the following list of questions.  These questions make up what could be called the classic list of objections against Christianity.  More than likely you’ve asked these yourself at one time or had them leveled at you by someone else.  Both of which cases are good because it means we and others are thinking seriously about the faith!  Feel free to share your thoughts, responses and feedback on how you would answer these objections, one or all of them.

What other questions have you asked?

What questions have others asked you?

  • “Where did Cain get his wife?” is allowed
  • “How many animals did Moses take on the ark?” is not.:)

1. How do we know God even exists?

2. Did Jesus really come back from the dead?  Why is this so important?

3. Doesn’t science disprove Christianity? (Evolution; big bang; carbon dating; six-day creation; Noah’s ark; different races; dinosaurs; age of the earth…)

4. Why should I trust the Bible? (contradictions; just an old book; all the different versions; all the disagreements between Christians)

5. How can Christians be so arrogant to believe they have the only truth?

6. If there really is a good God, why does evil exist?  Why does He allow bad things to happen?  (Natural disasters and man-derived ones)

7. Why “Jesus only” and not some other religion? (There are many religions and paths to God; is Christianity really the only rational choice?)

8. Can’t we just be good enough to please God?

9. Christians are just a bunch of hypocrites.

10. How can a loving God send someone to hell?

11. What about those who never hear about Jesus? (The “man in Africa, or on an island” question)

12. Relationships and life (I’m having too much fun; my friends/family will disown me or think I’m crazy, I’d have to quit my job.)

13. I’ve tried Christianity and it didn’t work.

14. I’m already happy, why do I need Jesus?

15. How can everyone be born in sin and be rebels against God?

16. I’m too sinful (bad) – God could never forgive me.  Or the opposite: I’m not a sinner, I don’t need a savior.

17. Christians have been saying Jesus is returning for 2000 years – where is He?

18. I could never live the Christian life.

19. Why is the God of the OT such a violent God? (Are the NT and OT “Gods” the same?)