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Pastor Kevin DeYoung

If you don’t know Kevin DeYoung or hop over to his blog at The Gospel Coalition very often, can I encourage you to do so?  Kevin’s a great guy.  A Pastor in East Lansing and a wonderful writer-all by God’s grace.  I want to specifically point you to these three recent posts and highly recommend you check them out.

Dealing With Disappointment in the Church (1)

Dealing With Disappointment in the Church (2)

Dealing with Disappointment in the Church (3)

I think Kevin does a great job at talking straight on some hard hitting issues we all face in our local churches.  Whether you are a church leader, an active member or an infrequent visitor, the issues Pastor D brings up in these posts are for you.  Consider them with an open heart and see if they change how you think, feel and act this coming Sunday when you gather together for corporate worship.