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Hopped in the car after having breakfast with friends this morning, clicked on the radio and caught a story on NPR about doctors and prescription meds.  Fascinating and unbelievable.  Check out this story on NPR about doctors prescribing drugs to people “in the dark”!

Some notable quotes from the story:

“In many case Doctors don’t have enough information to know which drug is the best”

One doctor asking another doctor –

“I then asked, “well why do you prefer this medicine?”

And he said, “it just what I’ve always used, it’s what I’m used to using”

Sometime the answer he received when asking about why a certain drug was used was, “Well it looked good, compared to placebo”

I wish I could say I was shocked.  I wish I could say the reporter was shocked.  But no.  In the hyper-over-medicated society which we find ourselves, these stories are status quo.

Tear down the altar to Asclepius!