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I didn’t watch the Superbowl this year.  I’ve never really been much of a football fan.  I would watch when my Dad was watching it, but not on my own.  I would go to a Superbowl get-together with friends but always for the “get-together” part, and not for the game.

Some of the commercials are truly hilarious.  Some are just plain lewd.  Author Eric Rauch over at Christian Reader offers some great insight into what the theme of many of these commercials says about our culture, manhood and how Christians should think about these things.  Here are some excerpts from his article called “A Man’s Man” –

  • I for one would be more than happy to find out that being a real man only meant that I needed to buy a truck and go camping every weekend. Tragically, this is exactly what many men are hearing today, even from the church. This is not a solution, this is escapism and retreatism. It’s about time we stopped retreating into the woods to camp and started camping out in our own living and dining rooms. The next generation of men will not learn true masculinity if the current generation of men are never home. God is calling his men to faithfulness, not fishing. He desires a generation of Tebows, not overgrown boys playing in the mud.
  • True manhood is not to be found in what a man does with his hands, but in how he thinks with his mind.

If the breakdown of culture comes from the breakdown of the family unit, the breakdown of the family unit comes from the failure of men to be what they were created to be, lead their families and love their neighbors.  If the enemy can get a foothold in the hearts of men, convincing them they are incapable of hard work, husbandry, fatherhood and godly living in each of these vocations, he can eventually tumble an entire nation-no matter how great.

How sad that our culture is not only overrun by the lack of Biblical manhood but makes multi-million dollar commercials poking fun at this phenomena.  Mr. Rauch’s article is much more concise and persuasive than my thoughts on this topic.  I recommend it.