In a sea of “Christian” music, I often find myself more frustrated and confused, rather than encouraged, by the lyrics I hear coming from the Christian radio station and being promoted on the web.  This is one of the reasons that I love the Glory Revealed project that came out a few years ago.  Well, I’m excited to say they’ve done it again!  There is a second album out and available for purchase.  I’ve not yet listened to it in it’s entirety, but what I’ve heard so far is fantastic!  How can they go wrong when all the lyrics are direct Scripture quotations?

Now, why post this on a blog on Romans 11:36?  Ha!  There is a method to my madness.  Track 12 is called “To you be the glory”.  It’s Romans 11:36 to music!  And they nailed it!  It’s “a treasure!” as a friend said moments after listening to it.

Praise the Lord for a remnant of believers among the Christian music scene who not only see the value of putting unaltered Scripture to music…and good music at that…but also putting their efforts toward actually pulling a project like this together.  This music will encourage you, it will help you memorize large passages of Scripture, it will help you train your children.  I highly recommend it to you.